10 Reasons You Should Buy Top Knobs Decorative Hardware

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  • You want your designer bathroom and kitchen to look perfect, so you fill it with designer hardware. Like quality jewelry, it accentuates the user.
  • No matter the style or trend, Top Knobs will have a look to fit it. Their designer-driven products are constantly evolving, with redesigns and new designs filling their extensive catalog.
  • The minor details are what make a product perfect. Top Knobs products have little touches like pins that stop knobs from turning, a lack of sharp edges and open backs, and solid knobs and pulls.


  • With 23 collections to choose from, each with a unique style which have 50 to 150 products per style, you can be sure to find your match.
  • When there’s over 2500 products to choose from, the order process can get hairy. Thankfully each product has a unique ID number to ensure your selection.
  • Styles such as period pieces, traditional, contemporary, and transitional give you plenty of options to experiment.


  • 26 finishes means you’ll be able to match any style.
  • Top Knobs’ sealed finish ensures you product will last.
  • Each collection has multiple finishes, giving you control over the style and finish.


  • Top Knobs sell their products through professionally staffed kitchen and bath showrooms to ensure their products are sold by experts in the field of decorative hardware.
  • With over 5000 Top Knobs showrooms in North America your sure to find one near you.


  • Their pieces are hand-finished, hand polished, and before packaging they hand inspect for quality.
  • High grade metals like brass, cast bronze, steel, and zinc alloy ensure long life and minimal wear.
  • You can truly feel the quality in Top Knobs products. Just hold one in your hand and you’ll know.


  • Top Knobs products have unique designs, higher quality metals, are precision manufactured, hand-finished, and individually inspected, all at the same price as a mass merchandiser.


  • Top Knobs products have a Lifetime Warranty for the original purchaser for possible defects.


  • Most of Top Knobs orders ship from their warehouse in 24 hours, no matter the quantity.
  • Each piece is cushioned and individually bagged for shipment to prevent damage.


  • Installation is simple and they come standard with long screws, have consistent hole dimensions, and have burr-free screw holes.
  • Since all products are inspected for the highest quality, they arrive fast and undamaged.


  • Over 2500 part numbers, 23 product collections, 26 finishes, and specialty products. Top Knobs warehouse is fully stocked and ready for immediate shipment.
  • Have a last minute order, no problem your product is probably in stock.

Be sure to check out Top Knobs beautiful decorative hardware today!

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