Smartphones Will Provide Secure Access To Kaba Products

Smartphones seem to be getting smarter and smarter every day. Switzerland based telecommunications company, Swisscom, recently released an app called Tapit and their fellow neighbors over at Kaba are taking an interest.

Do You Know Your Lock’s Keying Options?

The folks over at Master Lock have provided a convenient chart on the different keying options available in their pad locks, and we’ll go over that here.

CEO of Allegion Speaks At Baird’s 2014

David Petratis, the CEO and president of Allegion, recently spoke at Baird’s 2014 Industrial Conference, held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. He explained how Allegion is thriving since becoming a standalone company after its leave from Ingersoll Rand.

Exit Devices Can Save Lives – Von Duprin’s 98/99 Series

Exit devices are overlooked when thinking about security. Von Duprin’s 98/99 exit devices hope to make it easier to secure an exit during an emergency.

Looking To Invest? Here Are A Few Reasons To Choose Kaba

Choosing who to invest in is always a hassle. With our current economic climate you may find your self without any sure ventures. While the stakes are high and no one company is a sure deal, Kaba has provided a few reasons why they’re are a good investment.

Is Your Business Secure? – Access Control From Kaba

Access control is extremely important for any commercial business. With the high volume of people coming and going this level of security is a challenge. Thankfully, Kaba has a line of mechanical and electronic access control solutions perfect for any business.

Kaba At Capital Market Day: Pushing Innovation

Capital Market Day is when investors from around the world come to assess a company’s financial targets, operations, and strategies. Kaba attended and spoke on their various innovations in Access and Data Systems, with a specific focus on the ADS Americas Division.

Lock “Bumping”: How doors are being bumped and broken into

A growing threat to the security of many residences is lock “bumping,” a term coined for the ability to bump open a lock with a special key and gain access to a private residence.

Retrieve a Lost Combination

When running a school or business, it’s hard to keep track of your countless combination locks. Read ahead to find out how to retrieve a lost combination, and avoid having to bring out the saw or bolt cutters.


Assa Abloy Obtains Metalika and Silvana

Assa Abloy continues to expand its global footprint with the newly acquired Silvana and Metalika. Both companies are based in Brazil with Silvana being a leading lock company and Metalika being a leading steel fire door company.

Can’t Hold A Candle to Vesta’s LED Lights

There’s been a bit of a battle between two emerging light options on the market, LED and CFL. An article by Forbes titled “LED vs. CFL: Which Bulb is Best?” has brought up the issue and presented the facts between the two.

Secure Your Cabinet Space!

Cabinet security is extremely important in the workplace. Sensitive files fill these cabinets and the last thing any business wants is for them to be easily accessed. Read ahead and find out how to better secure your cabinets.

The Killer Combo – Master Lock’s 975

No matter the application Master Lock finds a way to make the most authentic and secure padlocks in the world. Back in August Master Lock showed off their newest creation, the 975 Security Padlock.

Protect Your House’s Weak Points – Deltana Window Security

In the world of home security windows are by far the most vulnerable points of your house, they’re fragile and when broken will leave a large point of entry. With the following tips and products from Deltana, you’ll be able to add some extra security to your weak points.

A Shock to Thieves – Sonic Shock Alarm

When televisions and computer screens were big, bulky monstrosities, the notion of someone stealing one wasn’t as big of a problem. With the advent of Plasma Screens, LCDs and projectors the fear of a thief walking away with your new T.V. is much more of a reality.