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Security is constantly on our minds.  Precautions such as increased door security and locks can be implemented, but it definitely gives an increased peace of mind to keep a watchful eye on your properties.  While it’s virtually impossible to watch everywhere at once, Abus Security Tech has developed a simple system that can be installed in a house or small property.

3.5'' Surveillance Set

3.5” Surveillance Set

The Abus TVAC15000C 3.5″ Home Surveillance Set is ready to set up out of the box.  It contains a 2.4 GHz wireless monitor and an IR wireless camera with a PIR motion sensor.  Due to it’s wireless nature you can set up the camera where ever you need.  The wireless transmission is an encrypted digital signal that allows good range and transmission quality.  When the PIR sensor detects movement it transmits the video and audio data to the monitor which records the disturbance onto a SD card.  The set comes with a 2GB SD card which can record 110 minutes at 640×480 resolution, but if necessary any size SD card is supported.

Up to 4 cameras may be operated at a time

Up to 4 cameras may be operated at a time

Abus also has a new take on the door peep-hole, the Abus Digital Door Viewer HD. This device can be easily retrofitted and is wireless and battery operated.  No matter who’s at the door you’ll be able to see them in clear 720p resolution.  You can even zoom in on the 2.4 color display!  With the addition of a microSD card the Digital Door Viewer HD can save up to three images.

See who's at the door with the Digital Door Viewer HD

See who’s at the door with the Digital Door Viewer HD

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