Kwikset Releases New Update For Kevo Software And Firmware

One of Kwikset’s newest and most exciting products, the Kevo, recently received an update to the lock’s app and firmware.

Open Sesame! Electric Door Openers From LCN

Whether handicapped or aging, the thought of the outside world being unaccommodating is stressful, and many disabled people will opt to stay home. This shouldn’t be the case, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has reshaped the way buildings provide access for the handicapped.

Electronic Locks And How The Technology Has Advanced

Access Control has substantially progressed since the years of the mechanically coded lock. The mechanical lock gave managers the means to secure their building without having to issue multiple keys to all their employees. Now its affordable to use electronic access control solutions, giving any business the features that come with electronic locks.

Can’t Hold A Candle to Vesta’s LED Lights

There’s been a bit of a battle between two emerging light options on the market, LED and CFL. An article by Forbes titled “LED vs. CFL: Which Bulb is Best?” has brought up the issue and presented the facts between the two.

A Shock to Thieves – Sonic Shock Alarm

When televisions and computer screens were big, bulky monstrosities, the notion of someone stealing one wasn’t as big of a problem. With the advent of Plasma Screens, LCDs and projectors the fear of a thief walking away with your new T.V. is much more of a reality.

Melt Away Snow With HeatTrak

Check out HeatTrak’s snow melting walkway and sidewalk mats, the industrial strength and heavy duty solution to keeping any surface snow and ice free!

Abus Security – Electronic Surveillance

While it’s virtually impossible to watch everywhere at once, Abus Security Tech has developed a simple system that can be installed in a house or small property.

Kwikset Kevo – The lock evolved!

Kwikset’s Kevo let’s your iPhone do the opening. Register your lock with the Kevo mobile app and the iPhone uses Bluetooth and location services to trigger the lock.