How to Secure Your Sliding Glass Door

When it comes to sliding glass doors, it’s not always easy to find safe and secure locks that keep you and your home free from intruders.

Meeting the School Access-Control Vulnerability Index

There are three critical categories to meet when it comes to securing your school, exterior protection, interior protection, and interior locking.

Finding the Right Industrial Padlock

The safety of your factories, government buildings, and workplaces relies heavily on the type of locks you’re using to secure them. There’s many heavy duty commercial grade padlocks on the market but only some come with the important durable features needed to keep thieves and weather damage away.

How to Become Your Own Locksmith

Home security begins right at your front door.

Classroom Security

Violence in classrooms has become an epidemic we must address and do our best to prevent. While you can’t predict the future when it comes protecting our students and faculty, you can take the proper steps to ensure as little damage is done as possible.

Ensure Worker Safety With OSHA Lockout Tagout Items

Protect your employees with OSHA’s Lockout/Tagout through the control of dangerous equipment and energies.

New Security Measures Implemented at MLB Ballparks

New security measures are being implemented at ballparks nationwide, causing a slight delay in entry times.

Door Barricades Could Cause More Security Issues For Schools

A lot of controversy in Ohio as a local high school tries to install door-security barricades, violating building safety codes.

Disabling Home Alarm Systems, How Thieves Do It

The overall security of the Internet of Things is in question. One of the biggest threats to device security lies with wireless home alarms.

No Time For a Locksmith? How to kick down a door

At American Builders Central, we recommend calling your roommate for the spare key or calling a reliable locksmith if you have trouble getting into a locked door. But sometimes that’s not possible. Here’s a handy guide to breaking down a locked door.

Have A Small Business? Make Sure To See This Security Checklist

Crime is costly no matter who’s the target. Small businesses are especially affected by crime and vandalism, costing them money that could be better used elsewhere. While there’s no way to completely stop crime, there are a few ways to better prevent the occurrence.

Protect Your Vacation And Rental Homes

Managing properties is a hassle. Rather than using keys, it may be more efficient to set up a keyless entry system. Read ahead to learn more about keyless solutions from Schalge and Codelocks.

Schlage Survey Reveals Home Security Concerns

Schlage, a brand of Allegion, has released the results of a survey pertaining to home security and whom people trust to keep their property safe. Schlage prides themselves on knowing their customers’ concerns about home security and how they can continue to provide the best security options.

Secure Your Cabinet Space!

Cabinet security is extremely important in the workplace. Sensitive files fill these cabinets and the last thing any business wants is for them to be easily accessed. Read ahead and find out how to better secure your cabinets.

Master Lock’s 1652 Series – Efficient Locker Locks

Master Lock, a world recognized company for their excellent padlocks and security products, has issued a press release explaining why the 1652 series and Multi-User locks will save school maintenance time.