Classroom Security

In 2015 there were 372 mass shootings in the United States, 64 of them happened within our schools and universities. Violence in classrooms has become an epidemic we must address and do our best to prevent. While you can’t predict the future when it comes to protecting our students and faculty, you can take the proper steps to ensure as little damage is done as possible.

The first step when it comes to protecting your schools is putting high security locks equipped with audit trail technology and office functionality on your perimeter entrances. Audit trails allow you to see who and when people are coming and going, therefore you’ll always have accountability when it comes to who is entering and leaving. Office functionality allows you to vet and screen anybody before allowing them access into your building. Von Duprin’s Exit Devices and LCN’s Door Closers feature the audit trail and scanning technology you need to meet any of your outdoor security needs.

The next step is securing your classrooms and lecture halls. In the off chance an intruder gets into your building, you’ll want to lockdown your rooms in a quick and efficient manner. Schlage’s CO Series can be programmed to utilize a fob for immediate local lockdown from anywhere in the room and can be used on up to ten different doors at once. For manual lockdowns, Schlage’s Keypad Locks are another high security option due to their anti-break in construction.

While heavy duty locks and door hardware are a good start when it comes to protecting our schools, you’ll also want develop district-wide safety plans and a mandatory incident report system. Keeping everyone informed and calm during times of threat or emergency allows you to effectively use your hardware security systems. America’s Safe Schools Week takes place every year on the third week of October. Getting involved and getting informed is the best way to protect our educational institutions.

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