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Confined spaces are rarely a place anyone wants to visit. They’re tight, dark, usually moist, and have the worst type of inhabitants (typically rodents and other types of nasty critters). Unfortunately these confined spaces are a part of our modern infrastructure, whether that be water pipes, gas lines, or sewer systems. These spaces will be opened so that professionals may maintain them, and during breaks in work they’ll be left open. This practice may lead to many accidents and even deaths.

A confined space is any area large enough for a worker to enter, but has limited or restricted means for entry or exit and is not designed for continuous occupancy. The types of dangers of confined spaces include chemical exposure, low oxygen, fall hazards, extreme temperatures, and toxic gases, which can cause worker injury or death. Each year multiple injuries and even deaths are linked to confined space incidents. Thankfully, Master Lock has a solution to this dangerous problem.

Most of the time during breaks a worker will ‘block’ the confined space entrance with a thin piece of caution or restricted entry tape. This tape is okay for typical hazards but for confined space entrances it doesn’t make the message clear to stay out. Master Locks Confined Space Covers on the other hand completely cover the entrance and clearly state not to enter unless you have a permit.

Master Locks Confined Space Covers exceed the OSHA 29CFR 1910.146 Standard for Permit Required Confined Spaces. They come in three different functions depending on if you need air flow or not, and the belts used to tighten the cover can even be locked by a padlock to further secure the entrance. Master Lock even has an elastic mesh cover for those times when you only need to seal the entrance for a short period of time. A few of the covers are that they’ll stop unauthorized entry, will prevent pest infestation, prevent litter and debris from entering, and will even protect against mother nature.

So if you’re doing any work on confined spaces, make sure to pick up a confined space cover. Not only will your business be OSHA compliant, but you’ll also gain the peace of mind in knowing you greatly reduced the risk of injury.

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