Continued Growth In U.K.’s Access Control Market

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A recent report was released pertaining to the status of the United Kingdom’s growing access control market. The research was done by the market intelligence supplier Key Note. They found that in 2013 the market for access control in the UK increased by 2.9%. This increase was boosted in part by a rise in new construction orders, which rose by 14.8%.

Key Note is by no means a fortune teller, but they are predicting that the United Kingdom’s market is only going to grow over the next five years. This growth is attributed to the construction industry and the need to further prevent crime, which could be both internal and external. Access control systems give users powerful security measures to keep track of all activity and provide a high level of security. Here at American Builders we realize the potential and necessity for such systems in the work place.

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Codelocks CL5210 Electronic Door Lock

Codelocks CL5210 Electronic Door Lock

The Kaba 5700

The Kaba 5700

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