Design Element issues KBIS 2014 Post Show Update

Design Element USA, makers of excellent countertops, linen cabinets, and vanities participated in the KBIS 2014 show earlier this year, showcasing both new products and their existing line of beautiful bathroom storage and plumbing supplies.

Bello 61” Double Sink Vanity Set

Bello 61” Double Sink Vanity Set

The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is the event of the year for all those that love the finer side of bathroom technology. Design Element is no stranger to progress, but this year they unvieled their latest advancement, Smartglass.

Smartglass is Design Elements approach to utilizing recycled materials in bathroom products. Using 99.9% recycled glass the process begins by melting the old material, burning off any impurities, then pouring the glass into a mold. Many of the shows patrons were asking if Smartglass was a more exotic stone, of course Design Elements were excited to tell them the truth.

Being more durable than granite, harder than marble, and requiring absolutely no resin to bind the glass particles, Smartglass is lined up to be Design Elements superhero. Lucas Liu, President of Design Element says, “it’s as pure glass as you are going to get.” With commercial and residential options in stock, it’s no wonder why Design Element had up to 1200 new international buyers after the show.

Take a look at their update at the following link –

KBIS 2014 – Post Show Update | DE Blog.

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