Do You Know Your Lock’s Keying Options?

Source: Master Lock

Here at American Builders we offer a wide assortment of different options when it comes to how your locks are keyed. Whether keyed different or alike, we guarantee that your lock will function the way you need it to. The folks over at Master Lock have provided a convenient chart on the different keying options available in their pad locks, and we’ll go over that here.

Keyed Different (KD): This is the standard keying option on Master Lock and American Lock padlocks. Each lock is opened by its own specific key.

Keyed Alike (KA): This option allows multiple padlocks to be opened by the same key. This is best for when a customer is looking for a convenient way to access multiple locks without having to go through multiple keys.

Master Keyed (MK): The Master Key system is very powerful. It allows each lock to have its own key but each lock can also be opened by one master key.

Keyed Alike Keyed Different
Master Keyed

Rekeyable Padlocks: This option is best when your key has been stolen or lost. The cylinder can be removed and replaced to change the pinning or to add a new one. Rekeying your lock will save you money and time so you don’t have to buy new locks.

Interchangeable Core Locks (IC): These locks don’t require disassembly to change the cylinder. The figure-8 cores can be removed and replaced with a single control key. This is best for after an employee is fired or if a key has been lost or stolen.


Master Lock's 6427 IC Pad Lock

Master Lock’s 6427 IC Pad Lock

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