Door Barricades Could Cause More Security Issues For Schools

Source: National School Safety and Security Services

A lot of controversy has followed Licking County Highschool’s decision to install door-security barricades throughout the school. Parents of the central Ohio highschool had raised $30,000 only to realize that the security barricades they hoped to install were actually in violation with Ohio’s building code, which state the door has to open from the inside without a key or special effort. Now the school wants the state to overturn the codes, even though the barricades have already been rejected.

The act of barricading a door with desks or shelves during an emergency isn’t anything new, but these Barracuda barricade devices simplify the process. Using a bar that attaches to the door frame, the door can be barricaded by dropping the device over the handle and tightening it. A simpler process but one that still requires effort.

The main argument is that the barricade can be easily abused. A few instances could be an angry teacher or non-custodial parent locking a classroom of students into a room, a young girl being raped while the door is near impossible to open, or a shooter barricading the door himself during a hostage situation.

At the end of the day security is paramount, and security solutions should solve the problem, not create new ones. Ken Trump of National School Safety and Security Services believes that schools and facilities should stay with proven emergency tactics such as controlled evacuations, shooter preparedness, and lock down drills.

Be sure to read Ken Trump’s article involving the dangers of the barricades:
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