Electronic Locks And How The Technology Has Advanced

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Access Control has substantially progressed since the years of the mechanically coded lock. The mechanical lock gave managers the means to secure their building without having to issue multiple keys to all their employees. The technology continued to advance over the years, and technology like audit trails and specific programming became a luxurious benefit. Smaller companies couldn’t afford the card-based electronic systems and were left wondering if they’d ever experience the lavishness that the big corporations took for granted.

Alas, poor business! You may now know the freedom of electronic access; the advent of affordable battery-operated locks is finally here! Much like how high definition televisions decreased in price as the technology advanced, so have electronic locks. Now these battery operated locks are becoming a valid alternative to the more expensive networked systems. Codelocks explains how this technology has advanced, and why your business should adapt an electronic access control system.


The ease of programming locks has significantly increased. To change the access code on mechanical locks you have to remove the entire lock from the door. With electronic locks it’s as simple as changing the code on the keypad, and some locks even allow codes to be programmed via a USB drive or similar device. This allows building managers who have to maintenance multiple locks to easily find and change a code, and it’s all done through the computer they were created on.

Earlier I mentioned how audit trails were a luxury that only the big corporations were given. Well the little guy has caught up, and audit trails are as powerful as ever. This allows buildings like hospitals to have complete control over who comes and goes through their most sensitive of areas. With the ability to collect all analytic information on a USB drive and the ability to know if someone has entered an invalid code, you can guarantee that electronic access control is the way to go.

Codelocks CL5210 Electronic Door Lock

Codelocks CL5210 Electronic Door Lock

Though the ease of programming was already mentioned, there’s another area that has made this process even easier, remote code generation. This allows your electronic locks to be set up with a specific algorithm that allows a user to program a time specific code via a web-based application. Imagine sending the building engineer a code that gives him access to a specific room for a short amount of time, once that time is over the code will change. Fun!

Electronic access control systems are the future of securing businesses. With a wide variety of options to choose from, any business can become protected with the latest technology. So check out Codelocks great options for securing your business and proceed through the 21st century with confidence!

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