Exit Devices Can Save Lives – Von Duprin’s 98/99 Series

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Exit devices are largely overlooked when thinking about security. They’re unlike typical knobs and locks, and a lot of users won’t know how to lock them. Von Duprin’s 98/99 exit devices hope to make it a little easier to secure an exit in the case of an emergency.

Von Duprin has been providing quality door safety hardware since 1908. Now they’ve come up with a solution to make exit devices easier to lock. Von Duprin has included an option that provides a locked or close status indicator on the device itself. Even if just throwing cursory glance towards your exit, you’ll know whether or not your door is locked. There’s two options available, a keyed inside or thumb-turned lock, making it easy to know if your door is locked. Retrofit kits are also available for existing 98/99 models, so be sure to select them under the function option of the site.

Secure Your Exit

Secure Your Exit

“In the event of an emergency, not only classrooms but large group and assembly areas such as gymnasiums, auditoriums, cafeterias and lecture halls also need to be immediately secured for the safety of all.  Knowing if a door’s exit device is locked without opening the door is a critical security consideration. That’s why we now offer easy to read visual indicators on both our Von Duprin exit devices and our Schlage locks.” – Joseph Vaida, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies portfolio marketing manager-mechanical.

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