Alarm system
a system of electrical and/or electronic components which detect and report dangers, such as fire or intrusion.
automatic teller machine.
Battery eliminator
an electric device designed to provide energy to equipment normally requiring batteries for operation.
Card reader
a device which interprets the coding resident on cards.
Electrified lockset
a lock which is controlled electrically.
Entry/exit delay
an alarm or access control feature which allows a specific time lapse between the activation of a switch and the activation of a secondary component.
Hybrid locking system
a locking system which derives its security from two or more different technologies operated by the same key in one device, e.g. mechanical/electronic, mechanical, magnetic, etc.
Intermittent duty
of or pertaining to an electric strike or lock not designed to be energized for extended periods of time.
the movable portion of an electric strike which captures the bolt.
Magnetic contact
an electrical switch activated by magnetic attraction or repulsion.
Power locks
electrically or electro-pneumatically operated locks.
Switch lock
a lock which incorporates an electrical switch as an integral part of its construction. A large padlock designed for use on railroad switches.
Touch pad
an exit device actuator with a paddle shape. A remote door opener activator, typically electronic, which facilitates handicap access.
Vehicle Anti-Theft System
an electronic system in some General Motors vehicles which uses a resistor pellet of varying value imbedded in a mechanical ignition key.