Boring jig
a tool, temporarily affixed to a door, which provides a template structure to guide drill bits properly when preparing for the installation of specific hardware.
a tool used to cut the keyway into the cylinder plug. Also the act of cutting the keyway into a cylinder plug with a broach.
By-pass tool
a device that neutralizes the security of a locking device or its application hardware, often taking advantage of a design weakness.
Dogging key
a key or tool used to dog an exit device.
Dogging screw
a screw used to dog an exit device.
Double-D punch
a tool used to make a double-D hole.
Ejector pin
a tool used to drive all the elements of a pin chamber out of certain interchangeable cores.
Extractor key
a tool which normally removes a portion of a two-piece key or blocking device from a keyway.
Graphite gun
a usually flexible container designed to dispense a powdered lubricant.
Loading tool
a tool which aids installation of cylinder components into the cylinder shell.
a tool or instrument, other than the specifically designed key, made for the purpose of manipulating tumblers in a lock or cylinder in to the locked or unlocked position through the keyway, without obvious damage. To manipulate tumblers in a keyed lock mechanism through the keyway, without obvious damage, by means other than the specifically designed key.
Pin tweezers
a tool used in handling tumblers and springs.
Plug follower
a tool used to allow removal of the cylinder plug while retaining the top pins, springs, and/or other components within the shell.
Set-up plug
a type of loading tool shaped like a plug follower. It contains pin chambers and is used with a shove knife to load springs and top pins into a cylinder shell.
a thin piece of material used to unlock the cylinder plug from the shell by separating the pin tumblers at the shear line, one at a time. To unlock a cylinder plug from its shell by using a shim.
Shove knife
a tool used with a set-up plug which pushes the springs and pin tumblers into the cylinder shell.
Slim jim
a narrow strip of spring steel used to bypass the cylinder and unlock vehicle doors.
Wheel puller
a tool used to remove the steering wheel from a column.