Have A Small Business? Make Sure To See This Security Checklist

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Crime is costly no matter who’s the target. Small businesses are especially affected by crime and vandalism, costing them money that could be better used elsewhere. While there’s no way to completely stop crime, there are a few ways to better prevent the occurrence. Community and business watch groups are always a good idea as well.

Building Security Tips

  • Thieves thrive in the darkness. A good lighting system that doesn’t leave any dark hiding spots around your property is a good preventive measure.
  • Keeping your interior lights on a night timer can make it seem as though the property is still in use, tricking thieves.
  • Covering the windows and keeping valuables out of sight helps keep people honest.
  • Cabinets, lockers, and locked drawers are a good way to secure your valuables in the workplace.
  • Motion sensor lights not only scare thieves but also provide light for approaching employees.
  • A closed circuit camera system can help monitor your building at all times.

Cameras and

Security Cameras and

Cabinet Locks to Secure Your Business

Cabinet Locks to Secure Your Business

Tips For Managers

  • Make sure to count your money in private.
  • Invest in a keyless entry system to limit the amount of keys.
  • Make frequent bank deposits during work hours to limit cash on hand.
  • Have two people sign checks.
  • Have two people oversee payroll processes.
  • Encourage employees to report suspicious activity.
  • Also have them report questions about money or security.
  • Have a system for opening and closing your business.
  • Draft a security policy and include steps to take if a security problem occurs.
  • Record the serial numbers of valuable office equipment.
  • Perform background checks on employees.
  • Establish an emergency code word.
  • Establish an office emergency area as a safe spot.

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