How to Become Your Own Locksmith

When it comes to home ownership security is a top priority, and it begins right at your front door. Having the right heavy duty door hardware can protect you and your family from home invasions caused by lock pickings, drillings, or even just stolen keys.

In the past, changing your locks was an expensive hassle that wasted both your time and your money. Having the ability to effortlessly re-key your locks yourself is a priority to Kwikset, with their SmartKey advanced technology you never have to worry about an intruder finding lost or stolen keys again.

All it takes is three easy steps to  easily and quickly re-key your locks and restore your sense of safety. Simply insert the functioning key and turn ¼ clockwise, then insert the SmartKey learn tool and remove the functioning key. Finally, insert your new key and ½ turn it counter clockwise and just like that your security is reset.

Kwikset prides themselves on creating ANSI Graded bump guard protected  high security door hardware you can trust to be drill and pick resistant. You can shop for a variety of knobs, levers, deadbolts, handlesets, and electronic locks to upgrade your safety and your home.

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