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For 50 years Omnia has produced some of the finest cabinet hardware on the market. They’ve stood by their products guaranteeing that they are hand polished, solid brass, and lacquered for extra durability. Just as you need to know how to care for your watch or any fine product, a little bit of extra care on your cabinet hardware goes a long way. Omnia has provided a short guide on how to properly care for your favorite cabinet hardware.

While Omnia provides a lacquered polish to all their brass products, it’ll eventually wear off. This process is natural and the rate at which the polish wears off is dependent on a few factors. These include atmospheric conditions, cleaning products, stains, paints and water. The elements are uncontrollable but there’s plenty you can do to fight back.

  • A non-abrasive wax like beeswax will greatly extend the luster of your products. Apply this right after installing and polish with a soft flannel cloth.
  • To keep your cabinet hardware in tip-top shape, re-apply the beeswax once a month. Beware of scratching as the wax won’t stop anything sharp.
  • If you like your brass vintage, don’t apply any wax at all. Though it may be tempting to age the brass yourself, we don’t recommend this. Let the brass age naturally.

If you are truly interested in having a vintage look from the start, be sure to check out Omnia’s vintage collection. The process Omnia uses to provide an aged look on the vintage products makes each individual item different from the next. Finishes will vary in color and they will change over time as well, aging like a fine wine.

Ornate Cabinet Knob in Pewter

Ornate Cabinet Knob in Pewter

Solid Brass Smooth Handle Pull

Solid Brass Smooth Handle Pull

While brass is a beautiful option and will add a sense of sophisticated style to any room, sometimes you just want hardware that is functional. If you fall into this category be sure to check out Omnia’s Stainless Steel collection. Being stainless steel these products will require minimal care and won’t tarnish or decay under normal circumstances. Still, exposure to some chemical conditions may cause the surface to oxidize over time. The best thing to do is to apply a stainless steel polish whenever you’re aware of a bad condition.

8'' Stainless Steel Pull

8” Stainless Steel Pull

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