How to Secure Your Sliding Glass Door

When it comes to sliding glass doors, it’s not always easy to find safe and secure locks that keep you and your home free from intruders. Adam’s Rite has created a solution to that problem utilizing the latest keyless technology. The Rite Touch Digital Glass Door Lock is a battery operated keypad deadbolt that can be used on single or double all glass doors.

It’s easy to install and program via the keypad touch-screen. It supports up to 40 credential cards, which can be purchased in packs of 5. You have the option to enter using either  a programmed code or the provided Mifare credential card. The lock is vandal and trespasser resistant due to the heavy duty high security materials it’s made with, as well as it’s break in and damage alarm.

It has sleek mirrored design and finish and is sure to match any residential all glass sliding door. Battery life lasts for about a year, so you don’t have to constantly worry about electronic wiring or your deadbolt dying. Just install 4 AA alkaline batteries and you’re ready to mount and program your new device.

Adam’s Rite has been creating innovative door hardware for over 100 years. They focus on high security devices that are as stylish as they are safe. Check out more of their residential and commercial products here!

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