Is Your Home Secure? Avoid These Common Mistakes

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Life is full of mistakes, and there’s nothing wrong with being wrong. Mistakes are a learning tool, a means to reflect on your errors and correct them on your own. Oscar Wilde said, “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes,” but if there’s one mistake that we’d rather not experience, it’s that of a home break in. Robert Siciliano and Schlage have recorded 12 home security mistakes that you may be making, so make sure to read ahead and secure your home.

  1. Cheap Locks – This is one area that you need to research. It’s easy to be swayed by a pretty face, but what really matters with your locks is what’s on the inside. Check out Schlage’s wonderful selection of the best in mechanical and electronic lock solutions.
  2. Unlocked Doors – If you have a door with a lock, why not lock it? It’s not uncommon for a burglar to walk up to your door, check if anyone is home, then give your door knob a turn. So lock up!
  3. Hide A Key – People love to hide stuff. Like a dog digging a bone it’s always fun to come back and retrieve what we’ve hidden. The thing is most hiding spots are terribly obvious, even the hollowed out rocks. So avoid the need to hide a key and invest in Schlage’s Touchscreen Deadbolt.
  4. Ladders In Yards – Most people will forget to lock their second floor windows. Usually not a big deal, most thieves aren’t Spiderman, but leaving a ladder is practically inviting them to climb through your windows. So lock your ladder up.
  5. Disabled Alarms – Activate your alarm system! Program it so it sets automatically and keep your security company’s number on your cell phone.
  6. Opened or Unlocked Windows – If your going out don’t leave your windows open. Keeping them closed keeps people honest, locking them will deter the brave enough to try thief.
  7. Unlocked Garages – Garages themselves are full of valuables, but even more importantly they’re connected to your house. Keep them closed when not in use.
  8. Valuables In Plain Sight – Though you love your newest electronics like your home stereo set or your giant T.V., it’s best to keep it less obvious and pull your curtains when you go out.
  9. Social Media Postings – While telling the world you’re flying to the Dominican Republic may make you feel like a celebrity, it also gives burglars the hint. Discretion is the mature thing.
  10. Revealing Trash Boxes – Black Friday and Cyber Monday just passed, and Christmas is in 25 days. You’re going to be getting new fancy stuff. Try not to make it obvious by leaving the Ps4 and Samsung HDTV box on the curb for everyone to see.
  11. Dark House – A dark house at all times during the day and night means one thing, no one is home. Put a few lights on timers and give your house the appearance of being lived-in.
  12. Dark Yard – Darkness is the greatest ally of a thief. Put your outdoor lights on timers or set them up with motion sensors.

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