Kaba Rings In 2015 With New Website Content

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Kaba is entering 2015 with a head full of steam. One of their most recent initiatives is adding a load of new content to their website. Some of the additions include:

  • New training videos.
  • A mobile friendly interface.
  • High resolution product and logo images for download.

With the new training videos available for download, Kaba hopes that their partners and end users will be able to easily operate Kaba products. The series of technical videos are about the Simplex 1000 locks and can be found in our video section, or by visiting Kaba’s website. Also be sure to check out the training videos for safe and container locks and lodging products.

Mobile website interfaces are becoming a huge concern for companies. Many users don’t have time to visit sites on a typical computer, and instead find themselves browsing on their phones and tablets. Older websites strictly built for a desktop won’t work well on a mobile device and finding information becomes a hectic task of zooming in and out to navigate the site. Kaba promises users that their website is no longer in the dark ages. Now their content is easily navigable on a phone or tablet, so fire it up and try it out for yourselves!

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