Kwikset Kevo – The lock evolved!

Source: WIRED

Looking for a futuristic alternative to turn key locks? Kwikset has the answer with the Kevo.

Image: Kwikset

Image: Kwikset

Kwikset’s Kevo let’s your iPhone do the opening. Register your lock with the Kevo mobile app and the iPhone uses Bluetooth and location services to trigger the lock. A simple touch of the lock and the blue halo turns to green, giving you the go-ahead to enter your home.

Have friends and family? Send them an eKey to give them digital access to your abode. Don’t like them anymore, fired the babysitter or only wanted them to have temporary access? Delete their key! Kwikset’s Kevo gives you total control over your lock. Even if you don’t have an iPhone Kwikset provides the Kevo Fob, a key-shaped device giving you the same wireless convenience. The Kevo can also be opened with a key, but we know you’re not here for that.

Android and Blackberry don’t currently support all the Bluetooth features used by the Kevo, but when available Kwikset will give them access as well.

For further information on the Kevo, WIRED has an interesting write-up:

iPhone-Operated Digital Lock Makes House Keys a Thing of the Past.


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