A Light In the Dark, American Permalight

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Permalight photoluminescent signs and egress path markings have shined a light during emergencies for the past 30 years. Even without electricity Permalight’s products are able to glow in the dark, providing a clear exit in darkened environments such as buildings, vehicle tunnels, trains, ships, mines and other spaces. These high-performance products don’t require any maintenance and will work during a power failure, fire, natural disaster and other emergencies.

While most buildings have emergency lights and a backup generator to power them, if not properly maintained these lights and generators may fail during an emergency. Emergency lighting is extremely important, and after the first terrorist bomb attack in the World Trade Center basement in 1994, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey installed Permalight photoluminescent markings on the steps, handrails, and landings of their emergency staircases. During the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks many survivors were aided by the Permalight photoluminescent markings.

Permalight in Space


Permalight’s products are even lighting up outer space! The International Space Station (ISS) has installed Permalight’s photoluminescent system as a means to reduce maintenance costs of the battery powered guidance system that’s currently in use. Permalight’s high performance PVC complied with all of NASA’s safety requirements and was properly placed around certain areas of the station. So if American Permalight works for NASA, you know it’ll work for you here on Earth!

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