Meeting the School Access-Control Vulnerability Index

There are three critical categories to meet when it comes to securing your schools, exterior protection, interior protection, and interior locking. Exterior protection pertains to all the entrance doors, windows, intercom systems, and high security heavy duty door locks. Interior protection is all about alarms, check-in verification for any guests entering the school, and having lockdown programs in place. Interior locking focuses on wireless electronic locking systems, intruder resistant locks, and electronic lockdown systems.

There’s a few steps you can take to meet the exterior protection criteria mentioned in the School Access Vulnerability Index (SAVI.) One of the first ways to secure your school is to only have one main entry way which can be easily monitored from the front office. You’ll want to make sure your entrance doors and windows are made from impenetrable and bullet proof glass, as well as covered with ballistic plastic window glazing. An intercom system to verify who is entering the school pairs perfectly with a vandal and weather resistant heavy duty door lock that you can manage from the administrative office. It’s also important that your locks are electronic keypad entry locks to prevent key duplication.

When it comes to Interior Protection, having a lockdown procedure  that is practiced regularly is important. That way if something does happen, the faculty and students are prepared. Having a panic alarm in the administrative office to alert police at a moment’s notice is vital as well. Always keep your interior doors and windows covered so an active shooter or threat  can’t see inside your classrooms, gymnasiums, and cafeterias.

Interior Locking is perhaps the most significant when it comes to emergency situations. Electronic Door Locks that can be globally controlled by the administrative office during  threatening circumstances can save lives within seconds. At the touch of a button you’ll be able to secure all your rooms at once. A great example of these are Alarm Lock’s Trilogy Series. These locks can be monitored either individually or school wide. Whether you want each faculty member to carry their own key fob connecting to their specific electronic door lock, or have one system controlling all the locks in your school which can be managed by the administrative office, you’re able to customize your security.

By following these easy steps you’ll be able to feel safe and secure within your educational institutions. For more information on the School Access Vulnerability Index, check out their website.

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