Melt Away Snow With HeatTrak

November is coming to a close and already the weather has dropped below freezing. You’ve gathered all your food and put on the extra winter pounds with the hope that you’ll survive until spring. You carefully close the rock to your cave and start up a fire, preparing for the season long Netflix binge.


He’s on a Breaking Bad binge

Sadly, we’re not bears, we don’t have the luxury of stuffing our faces for a few months only to sleep it off a quarter of the year.  No matter the weather work must carry on!  And here at American Builders we have the perfect way to keep any surface snow free.

Introducing HeatTrak’s snow melting walkway and sidewalk mats, the industrial strength and heavy duty solution to keeping any surface snow and ice free. HeatTrak is electrically powered through a standard 120V or 240V outlet and can generate heat capable of melting snow at 2” per hour. With the heating element enclosed by two protective surfaces of flame retardant reinforced SBR rubber, you can guarantee that it’ll be safe and durable.

The HeatTrak can be left out for the entire winter season, making it perfect for a business looking to keep it’s grounds safe. The Sr. Facilities Engineer of Alcoa Inc., Wendy Binge says, “the heated mats and stair treads did a great job keeping ice and snow off the main entrance way. We were also pleasantly surprised to see how well the mats stood up to the hundreds of Alcoa employees who walked over them every morning.”

Keep any surface snow free with HeatTrak!

Keep any surface snow free with HeatTrak!

So don’t bear the upcoming winter weather, instead melt it away with HeatTrak!

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