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Living with disabilities is a constant struggle. Whether handicapped or aging, the thought of the outside world being unaccommodating is stressful, and many disabled people will opt to stay home. This shouldn’t be the case, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has reshaped the way buildings provide access for the handicapped.

Providing assisted access is the right thing to do. Giving your clients and customers a positive experience is paramount, and when that experience is safe you can guarantee that customers will recommend your business. LCN understands that automatic operator solutions are necessary and they have developed ADA certified low energy electronic and pneumatic door closers. LCN also understands that their openers have to bridge the gap between safety and business, and have created products that will increase business traffic while making things safe.

LCN 2610 Pneumatic Door Closer

LCN 2610 Pneumatic Door Closer

And the LCN 4810

And the LCN 4810

Pneumatic AutoEqualizer™

You may be wondering what a Pneumatic door opener is? Simply, pneumatic means that the door is operated by air pressure. This allows the door opener to use very little energy, and because it uses air pressure, the door is extremely quiet. This system is great for a building that needs things quiet such as a hospital, but is also suited for a business that needs an efficient way to open their doors.

LCN’s 2600 and 4800 series are pneumatic and mechanical. They use a 4040XP mechanical closer, which greatly increases the products overall life and functionality. The 2610 is also a concealed door opener, keeping your doors looking sleek and professional.

LCN is a great choice for all of your door opener needs.  Whether electric or mechanical you can guarantee that they’ll have a product that’s perfect for you.

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