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In the world of home security windows are by far the most vulnerable points of your house, they’re fragile and when broken will leave a large point of entry. If you plan on delaying and dissuading thieves you’re going to want to install a few more precautions than your typical window latch. With the following tips and products from Deltana, you’ll be able to add some extra security to your weak points.

Stop this from happening!

Stop this from happening!

Casement windows are beautiful and allow the window to be opened wide up, but they aren’t necessarily the most secure type of windows out there. Of course no window is truly secure unless you plan on reinforcing it with wire-embedded glass or polycarbonate single glazing. An economical way to gain some peace of mind for your favorite windows is by installing a Window Door Pin or Sash Lock.

Deltana Window Door Pin 3"

Deltana Window Door Pin 3″

Deltana Window Sash Lock

Deltana Window Sash Lock

The locking pin provided by Deltana will add extra security to any window from casements to double-hung windows. With three styles of locking pins to choose from you can trust that Deltana not only has your security in mind but your aesthetics as well. The sash lock also promises an extra level of protection. Constructed in solid brass with nine styles to choose from, you can guarantee that a burglar will think twice before trying to get past your window.

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