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Cabinet security is extremely important in the workplace. In the case of a robbery, a cabinet or safe lock will undoubtedly slow down even a master thief. Sensitive files fill these cabinets and the last thing any business wants is for them to be easily accessed. At American Builders we believe all areas of the workplace should be secure, especially cabinets. So we’d like to introduce you to some of the finest and most advanced cabinet security hardware on the market.

Codelocks KL1000 Electronic Cabinet Lock

Codelocks KL1000 Electronic Cabinet Lock

Codelock’s KL1000 is a push-button electronic lock which can be easily fitted to a cabinet, locker, or cupboard for keypad access without the hassle of keys. Even if your current unit doesn’t have a lock, the CL1000 will still install. The 10 button keypad will open 15,000 times before the 2 AAA batteries die. User codes are easily programmable and the KL1000 even has a one time user code mode which will lock and open the lock only once and then be erased. Available in either vertical or horizontal mode, the KL1000 is sure to keep your cabinets, lockers, medical carts, gun boxes, and safes secure.

CompX StealthLock - The Ninja Lock

CompX StealthLock – The Ninja Lock

If you’re looking for an invisible locking system, than CompX’s StealthLock is for you. This lock is perfect for wood cabinets and lockers, and even for household use such as kitchen cabinets, entertainment units, or liquor cabinets. The radio frequency technology allows you to store the Transmitter Pad out of sight and it can control multiple locks within a 15ft. Range. Installation is quick and simple and can easily replace existing cabinet locks.

KABA Simplex 9600 - No Batteries or Wires needed

KABA Simplex 9600 – No Batteries or Wires needed

Electronic locks can be a hassle, sometimes you want security without having to worry about batteries or wires. If you’re in this boat, look no further than the Kaba Simplex 9600. Kaba has been in the business for over a hundred years and now you can trust them to simply secure your cabinet space. It’s a single access code lock that can be easily programmed via keypad without removing the it from the door. If you’re looking for a simple code accessed cabinet lock, the Simplex 9600 is the solution.

Deltana's Cabinet Lock - As Simple as it gets

Deltana’s Cabinet Lock – As Simple as it gets

Sometimes you just want your cabinets to stay closed.  Every time you come home or come into the office on Monday you see that your cabinets have opened themselves!  Maybe it was the wind?  Maybe an earthquake?  For what ever reason you need your cabinets to stay closed you can trust Deltana’s cabinet lock.

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  1. Robert says:

    Recently tried out CompX’s StealthLock to better protect a few of my more personal cabinets in the office. Great piece of technology, highly recommend it for anyone who doesn’t want to make important cabinets stick out with a big old push button lock.

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