A Shock to Thieves – Sonic Shock Alarm

When televisions and computer screens were big, bulky monstrosities, the notion of someone stealing one wasn’t as big of a problem. With the advent of Plasma Screens, LCDs and projectors the fear of a thief walking away with your new T.V. is much more of a reality.

Old T.V.s were a hassle to move

Old T.V.s were a hassle to move

The Sonic Shock Alarm is the best way to secure your modern television without tethering it to a boulder. With a heavy duty stainless steel construction this alarm is built tough. The keyed trigger makes sure that only you can set it without having to worry about false alarms. A 10′ tether is included and installs within minutes with the included 2 part epoxy. The battery is extremely long lasting and the 120db alarm rings for hours when tripped. The Sonic Shock works on LCDs, Plasma Screens, projectors and other electronics.


Any thief attempting to steal your television with the Sonic Shock installed is in for a rude awakening. With an alarm that blares at 120 dbs for 2 hours, the crook won’t get far with your crying television in hand.  So find some serenity in knowing that your electronics are secure, and pick up the Sonic Shock for all your commercial and residential needs.

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