Sir Faucet – A Faucet in Shining Armor

The aptly named Sir Faucet makes some of the finest faucets on the market. With designs ranging from classic to contemporary it’s easy to set your bathroom and kitchen in times old and new. In fact when you hear the name “sir” you automatically think quality.  The English may even fancy you a knight yourself with such shining products in your home!

Quality - On Sir Faucet's Honor

Quality – On Sir Faucet’s Honor

Sir Faucet is a source of superior-quality faucets at sensible prices.  They produce quality engineered faucets at affordable prices with an ever expanding line for the home and bath market.  They come with a lifetime warranty and are guaranteed to work in varied hardware situations whether old or new.  With various finishes to choose from such as “Brushed Nickel,” “Oil Rubbed Bronze,” and “Chrome Finish,” you have many choices when picking your faucet’s armor.  Whether you’re in the market for a new kitchen or bathroom faucet, or a new shower set, be sure to call on Sir Faucet for help.  They’ll be your faucet in shining armor!

Sir Faucet's 704 Lavatory Faucet in Chrome

Sir Faucet’s 704 Lavatory Faucet in Chrome

Sir Faucet's 750 3 Piece Rain Shower Set in Chrome

Sir Faucet’s 750 3 Piece Rain Shower Set in Chrome

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