Surviving Cold Season: Hand Dryer Edition

When it comes to public restrooms everybody’s main concern is that they leave the bathroom and themselves clean and sanitary. One of the most important steps in remaining germ free happens right before you exit the restroom, drying your hands. Electric hand dryers are an environmentally friendly and sanitary way to get the job done quick. Paper towel holders cost about $1,500 a year to maintain, with the right hand dryer you’ll be spending under $50 a year.

Recently manufacturers have begun upgrading the technology in dryers which has resulted in quieter sounds, quicker dry times, a more hygienic experience, and as a bonus sleeker designs. The Dyson Airblade V is one of the most innovative electric hand dryers on the market.  It has a 12-14 second dry time, a HEPA graded hygienic filter, and has lower CO2 emissions making it better for the environment. Also, you’ll be saving money because it costs up to 69% less to run than most other hand dryers.

Another example of dryers that would upgrade your restroom are Bobrick’s Eclipse Surface-Mounted Hand Dryer and B-7120 Trim Line Series ADA Surface-Mounted Hand Dryer. Both come with automatic sensors so you don’t have to worry about pressing a bacteria ridden button. This feature also saves you money by not running longer than necessary, once someone is satisfied the dryer automatically shuts off as they walk away. They operate on patented QuietDry technology and have a 17 second dry time.

Excel has been known for creating high-speed and energy efficient dryers and the Xlerator Series is no different. The standard features include adjustable sound and heat settings, externally visible service LEDs, multi voltage technology, and an 8 second dry time. Adjustable heat settings are perfect for elementary and pre-schools because children’s hands can be sensitive and may need a cooler dry. The HEPA filtration system provides 99.97% pure air. They also come in a variety of colors and finishes sure to match any restroom.

Sanitation begins at the sink and ends at the hand dryer, upgrade your restroom and your hygiene with some of the most innovative products on the market.

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