Classroom Security

Violence in classrooms has become an epidemic we must address and do our best to prevent. While you can’t predict the future when it comes protecting our students and faculty, you can take the proper steps to ensure as little damage is done as possible.

Schlage’s NDE Series Makes Access Control Easy

If your facility is looking to upgrade to electronic credentials without a complete system overhaul, the Schlage NDE series is for you!

Allegion Set To Obtain Sliding Door Hardware Leader Brio

Allegion has set out to further expand its product line with the recent agreement to acquire the assets of Brio, premier producer and designer of sliding and folding door hardware.

An Ionic Silver Coating Will Keep Your Door Hardware Clean

Silver’s microbial properties have been known for a long time. Protect high traffic areas from germs by utilizing an ionic silver coating. Read ahead to learn more!

Schlage AL Series of levers

Leave It To Lever – Commercial Security With Schlage’s AL Levers

Whether intentional or not, most businesses have moved away from using door knobs. Instead they’ve adopted their long armed friends the door lever. It’s not impossible to see why the lever has been adopted, it’s easy and accessible, works either up or down, and stands out on any door.

Open Sesame! Electric Door Openers From LCN

Whether handicapped or aging, the thought of the outside world being unaccommodating is stressful, and many disabled people will opt to stay home. This shouldn’t be the case, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has reshaped the way buildings provide access for the handicapped.

Schlage Survey Reveals Home Security Concerns

Schlage, a brand of Allegion, has released the results of a survey pertaining to home security and whom people trust to keep their property safe. Schlage prides themselves on knowing their customers’ concerns about home security and how they can continue to provide the best security options.

CEO of Allegion Speaks At Baird’s 2014

David Petratis, the CEO and president of Allegion, recently spoke at Baird’s 2014 Industrial Conference, held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. He explained how Allegion is thriving since becoming a standalone company after its leave from Ingersoll Rand.

Exit Devices Can Save Lives – Von Duprin’s 98/99 Series

Exit devices are overlooked when thinking about security. Von Duprin’s 98/99 exit devices hope to make it easier to secure an exit during an emergency.

“The Real Deal Story About LCN”

LCN’s name is synonymous with door closers and hardware. LCN can be found in all kinds of facilities such as schools, hospitals, government buildings and correctional facilities.

Students Tour Manufacturing Facilities

On October 22, eight manufacturers opened their doors to 270 high school students from 13 different schools. This was part of the North Central Regional Betterment Coalition’s (NCRBC) program.

Allegion Gives Three Ways to Improve School Security

Allegion, the parent company of Schlage, Von Duprin, LCN, and many other fine door hardware manufacturers recently made some interesting points on the recent concerns of school security.