Have A Small Business? Make Sure To See This Security Checklist

Crime is costly no matter who’s the target. Small businesses are especially affected by crime and vandalism, costing them money that could be better used elsewhere. While there’s no way to completely stop crime, there are a few ways to better prevent the occurrence.

Protect Your Vacation And Rental Homes

Managing properties is a hassle. Rather than using keys, it may be more efficient to set up a keyless entry system. Read ahead to learn more about keyless solutions from Schalge and Codelocks.

Continued Growth In U.K.’s Access Control Market

A recent report was released pertaining to the status of the United Kingdom’s growing access control market. The research was done by the market intelligence supplier Key Note. They found that in 2013 the market for access control in the UK increased by 2.9%.

Electronic Locks And How The Technology Has Advanced

Access Control has substantially progressed since the years of the mechanically coded lock. The mechanical lock gave managers the means to secure their building without having to issue multiple keys to all their employees. Now its affordable to use electronic access control solutions, giving any business the features that come with electronic locks.

Secure Your Cabinet Space!

Cabinet security is extremely important in the workplace. Sensitive files fill these cabinets and the last thing any business wants is for them to be easily accessed. Read ahead and find out how to better secure your cabinets.