Open Sesame! Electric Door Openers From LCN

Whether handicapped or aging, the thought of the outside world being unaccommodating is stressful, and many disabled people will opt to stay home. This shouldn’t be the case, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has reshaped the way buildings provide access for the handicapped.

CEO of Allegion Speaks At Baird’s 2014

David Petratis, the CEO and president of Allegion, recently spoke at Baird’s 2014 Industrial Conference, held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. He explained how Allegion is thriving since becoming a standalone company after its leave from Ingersoll Rand.

“The Real Deal Story About LCN”

LCN’s name is synonymous with door closers and hardware. LCN can be found in all kinds of facilities such as schools, hospitals, government buildings and correctional facilities.

Students Tour Manufacturing Facilities

On October 22, eight manufacturers opened their doors to 270 high school students from 13 different schools. This was part of the North Central Regional Betterment Coalition’s (NCRBC) program.