Finding the Right Industrial Padlock

The safety of your factories, government buildings, and workplaces relies heavily on the type of locks you’re using to secure them. There’s many heavy duty commercial grade padlocks on the market but only some come with the important durable features needed to keep thieves and weather damage away.

Ensure Worker Safety With OSHA Lockout Tagout Items

Protect your employees with OSHA’s Lockout/Tagout through the control of dangerous equipment and energies.

Confined Space Covers From Master Lock

These confined space entrance covers from Master Lock will ensure that these spaces will only be accessed by professionals.

When To Choose Keyed Alike or Keyed Different

There’s a bit of a mystery in the world of locks and keys, whether to buy keyed alike or keyed different locks.

Do You Know Your Lock’s Keying Options?

The folks over at Master Lock have provided a convenient chart on the different keying options available in their pad locks, and we’ll go over that here.

Lock “Bumping”: How doors are being bumped and broken into

A growing threat to the security of many residences is lock “bumping,” a term coined for the ability to bump open a lock with a special key and gain access to a private residence.

Retrieve a Lost Combination

When running a school or business, it’s hard to keep track of your countless combination locks. Read ahead to find out how to retrieve a lost combination, and avoid having to bring out the saw or bolt cutters.

The Killer Combo – Master Lock’s 975

No matter the application Master Lock finds a way to make the most authentic and secure padlocks in the world. Back in August Master Lock showed off their newest creation, the 975 Security Padlock.

Realtor Lock Boxes from Master Lock

Selling your house is always a challenge, and Real Estate is a full time job. With potential buyers constantly knocking on your many doors, it’s hard to find a way to show off all of your properties. If only there was a way to store all of your keys in a convenient location that buyers could easily find?

Master Lock’s 1652 Series – Efficient Locker Locks

Master Lock, a world recognized company for their excellent padlocks and security products, has issued a press release explaining why the 1652 series and Multi-User locks will save school maintenance time.

Maintain a Master Lock Padlock

The elements can have a big impact on padlocks. Master Lock, having been in business since 1921, understands that proper cleaning and care can greatly extend the life of your lock.