Meeting the School Access-Control Vulnerability Index

There are three critical categories to meet when it comes to securing your school, exterior protection, interior protection, and interior locking.

Classroom Security

Violence in classrooms has become an epidemic we must address and do our best to prevent. While you can’t predict the future when it comes protecting our students and faculty, you can take the proper steps to ensure as little damage is done as possible.

Door Barricades Could Cause More Security Issues For Schools

A lot of controversy in Ohio as a local high school tries to install door-security barricades, violating building safety codes.

Exit Devices Can Save Lives – Von Duprin’s 98/99 Series

Exit devices are overlooked when thinking about security. Von Duprin’s 98/99 exit devices hope to make it easier to secure an exit during an emergency.

Master Lock’s 1652 Series – Efficient Locker Locks

Master Lock, a world recognized company for their excellent padlocks and security products, has issued a press release explaining why the 1652 series and Multi-User locks will save school maintenance time.

Schlage’s ND Series – Levers for any Location

There’s rarely a better name than Schlage. Schlage’s ND Series of Cylindrical Locks are another example of their exemplary quality.

Allegion Gives Three Ways to Improve School Security

Allegion, the parent company of Schlage, Von Duprin, LCN, and many other fine door hardware manufacturers recently made some interesting points on the recent concerns of school security.