Protect Your Vacation And Rental Homes

Managing properties is a hassle. Rather than using keys, it may be more efficient to set up a keyless entry system. Read ahead to learn more about keyless solutions from Schalge and Codelocks.

A Paradigm of Door Hardware – Omnia’s Prodigy

Prodigies are rare to come by, but when witnessed leave an impression on the viewer. Omnia promises the Prodigy line will do just that, leaving your guests in awe.

Schlage AL Series of levers

Leave It To Lever – Commercial Security With Schlage’s AL Levers

Whether intentional or not, most businesses have moved away from using door knobs. Instead they’ve adopted their long armed friends the door lever. It’s not impossible to see why the lever has been adopted, it’s easy and accessible, works either up or down, and stands out on any door.

Open Sesame! Electric Door Openers From LCN

Whether handicapped or aging, the thought of the outside world being unaccommodating is stressful, and many disabled people will opt to stay home. This shouldn’t be the case, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has reshaped the way buildings provide access for the handicapped.

True Luxury With Baldwin’s Estate Series

Baldwin offers a sense of sophistication that you can’t find with other manufacturers. If luxury is a concern when choosing your door hardware, look no further than Baldwin’s Estate series.

Find Your Door Knob’s Style With Schlage

Your home’s interior design is a reflection of yourself. Schlage understands that your door hardware has to match the overall style of your home, and they’ve provided a handy style guide to link their products to your home.

How To Care For Your Omnia Products

For 50 years Omnia has produced some of the finest cabinet hardware on the market. Like all fine products, a little bit of extra care goes a long way.

Keyless Access With Alarm Lock’s Trilogy Line

Alarm Lock has been in business for four decades and keeps a strong reputation as a leader in the access control market. That reputation was originally established by their Sirenlock panic exit alarms, but has recently been surpassed by their Trilogy line of standalone access control solutions.

When To Use WD-40 And When Not To

WD-40 has a wide variety of uses. Whether commercial or residential problems, there are a lot of instances when WD-40 may be the solution, but a lot of times WD-40 will actually do more damage than good.

Is Your Home Secure? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Oscar Wilde said, “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes,” but if there’s one mistake that we’d rather not experience, it’s that of a home break in. Make sure to read ahead and secure your home.

Can’t Hold A Candle to Vesta’s LED Lights

There’s been a bit of a battle between two emerging light options on the market, LED and CFL. An article by Forbes titled “LED vs. CFL: Which Bulb is Best?” has brought up the issue and presented the facts between the two.

Secure Your Cabinet Space!

Cabinet security is extremely important in the workplace. Sensitive files fill these cabinets and the last thing any business wants is for them to be easily accessed. Read ahead and find out how to better secure your cabinets.

Protect Your House’s Weak Points – Deltana Window Security

In the world of home security windows are by far the most vulnerable points of your house, they’re fragile and when broken will leave a large point of entry. With the following tips and products from Deltana, you’ll be able to add some extra security to your weak points.

A Shock to Thieves – Sonic Shock Alarm

When televisions and computer screens were big, bulky monstrosities, the notion of someone stealing one wasn’t as big of a problem. With the advent of Plasma Screens, LCDs and projectors the fear of a thief walking away with your new T.V. is much more of a reality.

Realtor Lock Boxes from Master Lock

Selling your house is always a challenge, and Real Estate is a full time job. With potential buyers constantly knocking on your many doors, it’s hard to find a way to show off all of your properties. If only there was a way to store all of your keys in a convenient location that buyers could easily find?