The Future of Home Security

Technology is progressing at a rapid speed, everything from your phone to your computer gets replaced and upgraded every few years. Why skimp out on innovative improvements when it comes to your home safety? Top manufacturers like Kwikset, Schlage, and Codelocks have been working to make the highest security keypad electronic door locks that are not only easy to use, but easy to install.

Going keyless gives you the freedom to not have to worry constantly about digging around for your keys or having them stolen or lost. You can easily change your code whenever you feel necessary to avoid intruders.

Kwikset, a leader in residential door hardware and security, manufactures a number of tried and tested electronic smart locks. The 915 SmartCode Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt comes in a variety of finishes to match any door or home. You can program 16 different user codes and one master code at a time so each member of the household can have their own secure access pin. Avoid trespassers with its patented pick resistant side locking bar and BHMA Grade 2 Certification.

For a different approach to electronic entrance, check out Schlage’s FE410 Control Smart Interconnect Deadbolt. You’re able to completely program the lock and open it via your Smart Phone. It’s able to control up 500 users at a time and is easy to install on any standard door prep. It’s both pick and bump proof so you don’t have to worry about anyone breaking in.

When it comes to home security, electronic door hardware is the way of the future. Get with the times, get with Schlage and Kwikset.

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