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LCN‘s name is synonymous with door closers and hardware.  LCN can be found in all kinds of facilities such as schools, hospitals, government buildings and correctional facilities.  Just look up next time you go through a door and you may even see an LCN door closer!

LCN has been pioneering door closer solutions for 88 years and they are trusted to work in even the most chaotic of times.  LCN’s high standards of performance give their customers a much needed peace of mind in knowing that their facilities are protected.  With 35 different series of closers and door hardware to choose from with the guarantee of up to 15 to 20 years of product life, LCN has unmatched expertise to meet all security and safety challenges.

Don’t believe us?  Let LCN tell you the real story!

One of our favorite LCN products is the 4040XP, LCN’s most durable heavy duty closer.  The quality stems from their 88 years of constant innovation.  Made of cast-iron and steel with 44% increased bearing load capacity you can guarantee that the 4040 XP will give your door the strength it needs!

LCN's 4040 XP

LCN’s 4040 XP

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