Z-Wave – Safe and Wireless

Having wireless access to your door locks is both liberating and exciting, but for many it seems a bit too novel for it to be secure. The idea that entree to your door is floating in space, ready for any old passer-by to grab a hold of and abuse it leaves most people worried.

A frightening concept

A frightening concept!

Thankfully Zen-Sys and Sigma Designs’ wireless protocol promises that your appliances will be secure. This protocol is named Z-Wave and its sort of like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi but made specifically for home automation. Z-Wave was designed to be controlled by remote control in residential and light commercial environments. It uses a low-power RF radio signal and can be retrofitted into electronic devices and systems such as access control and entertainment systems. The protocol is specifically optimized to use low-latency communication of small data packets with a frequency range of 900 MHz. This leaves it’s frequency well under the crowded 2.4 GHz used by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and closer to the range of cordless phones. Basically this allows Z-Wave to exist without any interference from other wireless products, and keeps it nice and secure.

To learn more about Z-Wave, check out their site: About Z-Wave Technology 

If the concept of Z-Wave interests you and you’d like to implement it into your current home security, be sure to check out the Schlage LiNK. The LiNK allows you to lock and grant entry to your home via your internet-enabled cell phone and receive alerts when the lock is accessed. Ever leave your house only to be hit with a wave of anxiety? You wonder whether or not you locked your door! With the LiNK all of that information is right at your fingertips. And with Z-Wave built in, you can guarantee it’ll work.

The Schlage LiNK with Z-Wave Technology

The Schlage LiNK with Z-Wave Technology


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